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About Us

Unicorn Technology

Unicorn Technology software development, digital marketing company, professional team in Vancouver and Toronto. Committed to providing advanced information technology and software customization development services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Focus on the development of websites, WeChat applets, mobile APPs and enterprise-level software to help small and medium-sized enterprises with digital transformation, precise marketing and promotion, realizing traffic monetization and business upgrading. The core team members come from the world's top technology companies and institutions such as Fortinet and Microsoft. The core R&D members have more than 8 years of R&D experience and have a solid technical background.

We insist on serving customers as the core, striving for excellence, and win-win cooperation, to create a safe and worry-free software development service for customers.

Our advantage


Strong technology & diverse experience

Bring together top scientific and technological talents in North America, keep up with the technological trend, and have 8 years of research and development experience


Product quality is stable, reliable and safe

Product development, management, delivery process specification, high research and development efficiency, high product quality


Solve customer problems

Dig deep into customer needs, customize solutions, and considerate service

We are young people with dreams


Younger team members, big dreams, wolfish culture, full of passion, daring to fight, strong creativity

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